The Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain® method is the core of our Intelligence Driven Defense—our differentiator in the battle against advanced persistent threats.

Experienced analysts monitor activities of cyberattackers during an event, record the information and use it to defend against them. They establish patterns of behavior and share that intelligence across domains to protect—proactively remediate and mitigate—assets from the potential for additional threats.

Experience combines with method to deliver knowledge that both defends and protects.

The seven steps of Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain® process deliver visibility into an attack and understanding of an adversary’s objectives:

The attacker finds a gap in security of the social network
2 Weaponization builds a malicious attachment
3 Delivery and delivers it using social media or email targeting an employee
4 Exploitation The employee opens the file and the vulnerability is exposed
5 Installation Malware immediately installs on the client
6 Command & Control The attacker takes control of the system
7 Actions on Objectives and is able to pinpoint and access critical data

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