hacktress.com is a cybersecurity and OSINT information site written for anyone interested in learning the strategies for managing the processes, tools and policies necessary to prevent, detect, and document any counter threats to digital and non-digital information.

This website is intended to be read by individuals who are involved with open-source intelligence, hacking, networking, security, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, getting root, zero days, as well as a collection of hacking methodologies, incident response methodologies with intention to help you nail that infosec security analyst or OSINT analyst position.

So what is a hacktress, you ask?  A hacktress is a female hacker. As a colleague once stated, “like the etymology of the words hunter and huntress, hacktress is simply the feminine”.

Pamela Dean is the creator and editor of hacktress.com.  She holds a CompTIA Security+ certification, a CompTIA Network+ certification, a QualysGuard Vulnerability Management certification, 2x KASE Scenarion Badge Recipient, and is a 2012 graduate of New York University’s Information System Security program.

While Pam has been designing websites for business owners, nonprofits and startups, she is now pursuing a new and exciting career track in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

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