Here is an updated list of the Top Ten pentesting tools gathered by Concise-Courses for 2017:

1. Nmap (Network Mapper) | Free | Used to Scan Ports and Map Networks – and a whole bunch more!
2. Metasploit Penetration Testing Software | Free & Paid Versions – Vulnerability Exploitation Tool
3. John The Ripper | Free | Password Cracking Tool
4. THC Hydra | Free | Password Cracking Tool
5. OWASP Zed | Free | Web Vulnerability Scanner
6. Wireshark | Free | Web Vulnerability Scanners
7. Aircrack-ng | Free | Password Cracking Tool
8. Maltego | Free & Paid Versions | Digital Forensics
9. Cain and Abel Hacking Tool | Free | Password Cracker/ Password Hacking
10. Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner | Free | Website Vulnerability Scanner Hacking Tool

All these tools come bundled in pentesting Linux distro’s such as Kali Linux or BackBox, so it is recommend that you install an appropriate Linux hacking box to make your life easier – not least because repositories are (automatically) updated.

A more extensive list of hacking tools is located here that include tools from the following hacking/ pentesting categories: Application Specific Scanners, Debuggers, Encryption Tools, Firewalls, Forensics, Fuzzers, Intrusion Detection Systems, Multi Purpose Tools, Packet Crafting Tools, Packet Sniffers, Password Crackers, Port Scanners, Linux Hacking Distros, Rootkit Detectors, Traffic Monitoring Tools, Vulnerability Exploitation Tools, Vulnerability Scanners, Web Browser Related Tools, Web Proxies, Web Vulnerability Scanners and Wireless Hacking Tools.