The courts mandate that each party identify and preserve potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI), at the outset of litigation proceedings which has increased the need for an organized and proactive e-discovery process. This necessitates, among other requirements, an effective legal hold and e-discovery process to meet the obligations for more stringent preservation.  Under these rules, litigants face a greater likelihood of court sanctions for any failure to properly preserve relevant ESI at the outset of litigation.

Traditionally, enterprises turned to outsourcing e-discovery resulting in extensive costs, inefficient processes, and lengthy delays before evidence is reviewed and case strategies formulated. With this approach, enterprises have experienced delays of several months before ESI can be analyzed and case strategies can be formulated as well as an annual e-discovery spend of over $2 billion.

To better address e-discovery needs, organizations are now looking to bring their e-discovery in-house in order to take control and build a more efficient, repeatable, and defensible business process that ultimately reduces cost and risk.

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